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Why Globetrotter should interest you

Internet voice calls, video conferences, instant messaging... Whatever the latest advances might enable, the most important decisions and agreements are still struck with a handshake. It's something that will never change. That's why business trips are important investments for countless companies, the success of which will frequently also determine a firm's commercial future. Place this success on a sure footing and choose the right travel partner. Our tailor-made services are directed at business travellers who wish to place all of their travel-related matters into professional hands. Quality is the overriding maxim in the Business Travel sections of Globetrotter. This applies to our services and the advice we provide, as it does to the flights, hotels, rental cars and all the other aspects that we book on your behalf. We set the bar very high when it comes to selecting our staff and choosing our business partners. That's because, when travelling, we want you to be able to concentrate fully on what’s important – your job.