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Game, set and match for travel comfort

Anyone wishing to rise in the ranks of sportspersons will need to deliver winning performances. This applies in equal measure to the organisers of sports-related travel. Here too, the following applies: only the best will remain remembered. The sports section of Globetrotter is the official partner to Swiss Olympic and handles all the travel arrangements for the Swiss Olympic Team.

It's a wonderful testament to our company, which in turn rests on Globetrotter's expertise in the organisation of sports-related travel. Our professionals in the sports section know from years of experience what the essential factors are when it comes to the perfect training camp or a glorious tournament trip. They will put together professional travel offers that give professional as well as amateur sportspersons the perfect conditions and pre-requisites in which to excel. Our wide-ranging offers are directed at sports associations, clubs, all manner of sports teams and even fans who wish to lend immediate support to their idols. Added value of a notable kind: Globetrotter has negotiated special tariff and luggage conditions with many of the world’s leading airlines.